Post #2

US Unemployment Data

This is my first legitimiate post here so I thought it would be nice to start with a pleasing visualization. I recently came across county level unemployment data for the US spanning back 15 or so years from the Burau of Labor Statistics. I explored this data with d3.js and decided up with some (shallow) conclusions. See here to explore the data in a choropleth format. The slider can be moved to change the year. Conclusions that I made at first glance:

  • Unemployment spiked rapidly in 2009-2010, right at the heart of the recession.
  • Despite strong overall economic performance, some regions of the US have not been able to fully recover, such as Appalachia and some parts of the South.

Again, see here to explore for yourself. As for the overall theme of this blog, I think I would like to have the same general feel as the one by John Cook: a colleciton of short-medium length posts that introduce something that I have been thinking about recently. See you next time!