Sandeep Silwal

Hi! I am a 4th year Ph.D. student at MIT where I am lucky to be advised by Piotr Indyk .

My interests are broadly in theoretical computer science. Recently, I've been working in the intersection of machine learning and classical algorithms by designing provable algorithms in various ML settings, such as efficient algorithms for processing large datasets, as well as using ML to inspire algorithm design.

Please see my publications below where I've tried to include a brief 'story' for most papers. My goal is to highlight the context in which it was written and what I find interesting about the problem and results.

I also used to help coordinate Algorithms Office Hours at MIT whose goal is to improve communication between theory and applications of algorithms. Hopefully we can get it back up and running again soon!

Feel free to contact me at {my last name}

Learning-Augmented & Data-Driven Algorithms

Sublinear and Streaming Algorithms

Dimensionality Reduction and Its Applications

Theoretical Limits in Machine Learning

Broader Algorithmic Works


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